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10 Things to Look for in a Safe

Tired of storing your diamond necklace in an old coffee tin? Don’t store your most valued possessions in an unsecured location. The Following 10 tips can help you make the most informed decision about what to look for when choosing a home safe.


1. Fire Proof: You’d be wise to select a safe that is fireproof, especially if the contents that you plan on putting in it are flammable. Many safes are advertised as being fireproof for an hour or two, which can be a big help in the event of a home fire.

2. Cash rating: Cash rating is used to indicate the level of security of a safe and according to that, how much valuables should be kept inside the safe.

3. Size matters: Figure out how big the safe should be based on how many things you want to put inside it. It’s a good idea to think about which valuable items you plan on keeping inside, for example, jewelry, a laptop, documents, expensive wines, cash, passports, or guns. Always leave extra space available for future use down the road.

4. Built-in vs. portable safe: When it comes to selecting a home safe, you should only get a built-in safe, not a portable safe that could be carried away by a burglar. Think about it… Do you really want to stash all of your items in one easy to carry location? By putting your valuables inside a portable lock, you will have created a convenient “suitcase” that is sure to help a thief runoff within a hurry.

5. How will it lock? You will need to choose what type of lock will be most secure and convenient for your personal use. The three main choices to think about are a combination lock, a metal key, or a fingerprint recognition locking mechanism.

6. Your budget: Think about what price you are prepared to pay for your home safe. Spend accordingly to for your home safe; obviously, you shouldn’t buy a 5,000 dollar safe to put a pair of thousand-dollar earrings inside, unless the earnings are very sentimental to you.

7. Where will you put it? Think about where you will keep it; many people like to keep their safe in their close vicinity so that they can check on it from time to time. The most important thing to remember is that it should ideally be very well concealed so that a thief can’t find it easily. Safes to choose

9. Water resistance: While many are aware of the importance of getting a fire-proof safe, many are not aware that they should consider a water-resistant safe. When considering fire protection, keep in mind that many times, more damage is done by the torrent of water that’s putting out the fire than the actual fire itself.

10. Get an alarm:  There are safes on the market that come with a built-in alarm system that sounds if a breach is detected. Safes like the Sentry Safe are a great choice if you don’t want a built-in safe and you’d rather a portable safe.


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