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9 Steps For Securing Your Apartment

Living in an apartment can have many benefits. Apartments can offer a more affordable housing solution than individual homes. Living in an apartment may enable you to live in closer proximity to your office, and it often means that you have an apartment staff who takes care of maintenance issues. However, there are some extra precautions you may need to take in securing your home when living in an apartment. Here, we will outline all the tips for choosing the safest apartment and how to keep it as secure as possible.

When Choosing an Apartment

Apartment living can include added security risks due to close proximity to many neighbors, shared common entrance to a building, shared parking garages, and unknown visitors being around your apartment who may or may not know tenants around you. When choosing an apartment, it is important to eliminate as many unknowns as possible by doing some research before you sign a lease. 

  • Check crime rates in housing areas: There are many websites devoted to providing local crime rates so you can find out where the safest neighborhoods are, even if you're not from the area. 
  • Make sure the building entrance is secure: When you visit an apartment building, check to make sure that the and that the locking mechanisms at the entrance of the building are working, and that tenants regularly use them. It is common for main entrance doors to be left ajar or left unlocked for convenience. However, the more secure apartment buildings have common entrances that are locked regularly.
  • Look for an apartment with security cameras: Check to see that an apartment has cameras located around entrances, in hallways, and in parking garages. This can decrease theft in the entire apartment building, and ensure that you will have footage of anyone who has attempted to get into your apartment.

Securing Your Apartment: 9 Easy Steps

  1. Replace your re-key door locks: When you move into a previously owned apartment, old tenants could still have keys, or their neighbors or friends. Having your locks re-keyed by our team or hiring us to install new locks eliminates the possibility of someone having a key to your place without you knowing it. 

  2. Get to know your neighbors- Learning the names and faces of the people who live closest to you reduces the feeling of anonymity amongst tenants. When you know the people around you, you can identify when someone who does not live near you is around your apartment. And when you exchange information with your neighbors, you can keep an eye out for one another, and give each other a call if you notice suspicious activity.

  3. Install motion sensor lighting: Light deters theft because it increases visibility around your apartment. You should have a light outside the main entrance to your apartment and motion lighting around back doors or balconies.

  4. Have peepholes installed: Unlike many homes, in apartments, there are often no windows that face the entrance of your residence, installing a peephole ensures that you can see who is hanging around your apartment or knocking on your door.

  5. Swing locks and chain locks: It's important to have additional locks installed allow the door to be opened only partially. This gives you the opportunity to open the door enough to view and speak to the person who is at your door. Another benefit- you can also verify the identity of people like maintenance workers or apartment staff before opening your door all the way.alarm system

  6. Check to be sure window locks are working: Even if you're on a high floor, there may be opportunities for people to gain access to your home through your windows. Make sure all windows close all the way and locks are functioning properly.

  7. Bolster sliding doors: Place bars or rods in the tracks of sliding glass doors as these can easily be forced open without something to inhibit their movement.

  8. Use window coverings: Invest in good blinds or black-out curtains that keep your valuables out of view. It's important to cover windows, especially when you are not at home.

  9. Get an alarm system installed: Having a house security system installed ensures that you are notified whenever anyone tries to make entry into your home, and it deters theft with a siren and contact with authorities.

Finding a Locksmith You Can Trust

At Authorized Locksmiths, we provide years of experience, great response times and unbeatable prices for all your apartment security needs. We are happy to provide security assessments, lock re-keying, lockout services, and any information you need on alarms for apartments. It's our mission to help you stay as safe as possible.

For expert advice on home security systems and all other locksmith services, call us today!