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What Do you Know About Access Control Systems

The world of access control systems is plagued by so many industry jargons that most people give up as soon as they start. However, with dedication and this post, you can learn all there is to know about access systems. The area of concern for most people is whether the technology is viable for their lifestyle and security needs, the costs, and how it will work to improve the security of a building. 

modern access control card scanning

An access control system is any mechanism that manages the access to a building, be it a home or an office through the authorization by

  • Providing a safe environment for employees
  • Monitoring who is in the building at all times
  • Managing commercial fleet fueling
  • Controlling access to high-security areas

Types of Access Control Systems

The market is seeing a rise in the number of manufacturers, and this has brought innovation on to the industry. Our office locksmiths can help you install any of these systems in your business. 

Cloud-based access control systems

For this type of access control system, the access permissions are stored on a cloud server unlike other types of systems that store them on a local server. What this means if you choose this type over the others is that you can access as well as manage the permissions from your browser.

Smartphone and Mobile based Access control systems

These types of systems require that you download a mobile access control app to work the access control system. When you sign in to your account, you will see the keys to the systems. With the app, you can select which door to unlock, and you can schedule when to open them as well as how long they stay open. Some manufacturers allow you the comfort of holding your smartphone or mobile device to an NFC or Bluetooth reader and the door will automatically unlock. With this type of access control system, the login credentials are run in the background.

IoT based Access Control System

The internet of things is changing how we interact with everyday objects in and around a building, and the technology has extended to include access control systems. This type of access control system is connected to the internet. They have an updatable firmware to enhance security as well as upload a new function. The IoT technology allows the system to connect with other appliances in the house such as the alarm system, motion lights sensors, and more and you can authorize who has access to a building or room from anywhere in the world.

The main differentiating factor between the types of access control systems is the type of readers they use. There are three paradigms employed in access control systems, which are the way of organizing how people access our room or building.

Access Control System Components

Discretionary Access control (DAC)

This type of reader allows the users complete control over the Files and programs that the systems own meaning that there is one method of access to open all doors. This could be either the PIN, password, keycard, or more, but they utilize just one type of access.

Mandatory Access control (MAC)

As opposed to DAC, the access policy for this reader uses a software or policy component or even a hardware component that aims to restrict access to specific persons. The components could be an authorized badge, keypad, biometric sensors, password, keycard, or any other set of permissions granted to the system. The reader will read the PIN, card number or biometrics and forward the details to a control panel via the use of Wiegand protocol. It has become the most popular type of reader used today.

Role-based Access control (RBAC)

This means that you give out permissions according to the role each person has in your organization, you then assign a role to each user. This is by far the most user-friendly choice of all the access control system readers since you have the full control of centrally managing the roles and how you administer them. You can do so from anywhere in the world.

Organization Based Access Control (OrBAC)

This type of access control gives you an organizational management layer. What this means is that a user could be in one role in one organization and another in a different organization but the same company. What this means is that a user might have access to certain places in one section of the building and limited access in another.

Why Get An Access Control System?

Access control systems will help you maintain a need to know principle in the building or organization. Only authorized individuals can gain access to systems or information. There are more advantages of having access control systems such as

  • Eliminate the possibility of a door lockout scenario since there are no keys used
  • Monitor and manage persons who have access to the building or room
  • Maintain confidentiality by upholding the need-to-know principle
  • Prevents strangers from coming and going undetected
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate the chaos of after-hour shifts
  • Reduce accidents and theft


Access control systems are a type of keyless entry systems, and they will ensure you have access to your building or certain rooms without worrying about the office or home lockout scenarios. Since you can manage whoever comes and goes, you will maintain better security for your employees and family if installed at home.