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Auto Security Tips

According to the FBI’s most recent statistic report, a car is reported stolen every 45 seconds. Make sure your vehicle does not become another statistic by following these auto security tips.

What can you do to keep your car safe and secure at all times? For many of us traveling on the road, or car becomes a home of sorts. When on the go, our cars are where we spend time with family, eat meals, put makeup on, listen to our favorite music hits… much of the things we do at home. No matter if you are a beginning driver or if you’ve been driving for years, there are some tips to consider that can be helpful to you and can help keep your car better protected from theft.

How to Keep Your Car Safe

  • Install an auto security system. Make sure your vehicle has a working security system. Although many modern cars are solidly built with an alarm being built in standardly, older cars don’t always feature the same level of protection. An authorized car locksmith can install an alarm professionally to help keep your car secure, and as a plus installing a car alarm system often helps bring down the price of your monthly car insurance payments.
  • Be discreet. When packing up for a road trip, be discreet as possible. Load and pack your suitcases quickly, taking care to park as close to your home as possible. If you have a garage, you’d be wise to pack everything up and load it into your car trunk while keeping the garage door closed. Being inconspicuous will not only serve as protection against auto theft but will also prevent potential home invaders from breaking in when they see that you’ve left the house uninhabited while on vacation. Pack as many suitcases as possible in the trunk of your car where it is out of sight. If that is not possible, you might want to consider getting your backseat windows treated so that they are tinted, preventing people from seeing into your vehicle and noticing your luggage.

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  • Choose your parking space intelligently. Remember that you want to park your car in a brightly lit area, where there is heavy foot traffic. It’ll deter car thieves from trying to break into your car if there are witnesses around to watch him or she commits a crime. If you park in a hotel parking lot, try to park as close as possible to the hotel’s reception. If you must park on the street, try to take care to park in front of a busy storefront when possible.
  • Never use valet parking. It’s always tempting to give your keys to a valet service when dining out or when staying in a higher-end establishment, however, self-parking when you can is always a safer option. This way, you won’t have any strangers familiarizing themselves with your vehicle and snooping around or rummaging through your stuff while you’re away. If you think that a restaurant will reimburse you for a stolen vehicle or wallet that was accidentally left behind in the glove compartment, read the fine print on that little valet ticket carefully, as they clearly state that they take no responsibility for damaged or stolen items.   

Following these simple steps can you help keep your vehicle and its contents safer, so that you are free to enjoy your outings worry free!