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The Best Care For Your Oldest Locks

 Need assistance opening a vintage padlock? Wanting antique cabinet locks installed? Our locksmith professionals know that antique locks must be handled with special care and attention. Let our experts help you maintain the value and heritage of your antiques.

antique chest

When you need a lock installed, picked, repaired, replaced or refurbished, you want to find a locksmith who has the right experience for the job, especially when you're working with antiques or inherited valuables. Family heirlooms have both sentimental and financial value and should be handled with proper tools by an experienced locksmith. Antique or vintage locks can be very thick and sturdy or made to be very delicate. We can help you out with all your antique lock needs, including:

  • Vintage padlocks
  • Antique locks
  • Vintage key repairs and replacements
  • Antique cabinet locks

When working with these locks and keys, it's important to employ the help of a professional with the expertise to properly care for the mechanism. Authorized locksmiths provide you with a network of professionals who offer years of experience, quality services, and unbeatable prices. We exercise caution and care when it comes to your most prized possessions.

Do You Have a Lock That You Can't Open?

antique lockIf you've inherited a family heirloom or come across a great find at an estate sale that requires a careful and skilled locksmith to pick the lock, we are here to help! Antique padlocks and other vintage mechanisms can be damaged if picked with the wrong tool or by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. We carry the proper tools we need for any job with us at all times, and we know how to handle your lock carefully to protect its function and integrity.

Needing a key fit for that lock? We can also fit keys to most antique locks or work with you to find local dealers who may carry the right type of key.

Need a Lock Repaired?

Preserving the quality and character of a piece of furniture or antique door often means maintaining the original locks that were installed in the piece, but if the lock isn't functioning properly, what should you do? If a lock is in need of lubrication, or common mechanical repair, we can fix even the oldest lock quite easily. However, locks requiring major repair with replacement pieces may be more difficult to fix.

While many lock replacement pieces can be hard to find for specific types of antiques, we will do everything we can do repair the lock with creative solutions or can gladly install a similar lock found from other sources. 

Wanting to Update or Restyle a Favorite Piece of Furniture?

Maybe you're considering some beautiful antique cabinet locks for your kitchen or wanting to install new chest locks on your favorite piece of furniture. While these installations are possible to complete on your own, your safest bet is to call a professional for the job.

Using a professional locksmith for installations and refurbishing is the best way to ensure that your furniture maintains it's valued and that your locks function properly. This could mean adding a new lock to an old piece or an old lock to a new piece. We want to help make your design dreams come true. We can help you customize your furniture and doors to your specifications, and we'll work with you to find the safest and easiest locking solutions that also fit your style and taste. 

Finding What You Need: Connections within the locksmith community 

Although we are a large company with professionals located from coast to coast, our locksmiths live in towns and cities near you and have connections with other professionals in your area. Depending on the circumstance, we can often recommend places that may carry the sort of specialized lock you are looking for, antique or not. Otherwise, we are happy to help you choose a lock based on the brands and designs we carry that may suit your needs. 

At Authorized Locksmiths, not only can we handle your antique lock jobs, but we also specialize in: rekeying, lock picking, deadbolt installation, home security systems, high tech locks and window locks for your home, office or vehicle! Whatever your locksmith need, we've got you covered. 

Call to find out more about our services and schedule an appointment with one of our lock specialists today!