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How To Make Your Front Door Burglar Proof In A Few Easy Steps

Security starts at the front door and a quality lock can make the difference between a vulnerable property and a secure one you can call home. If you have recently moved someplace new or you are simply interested in upgrading your home's protection, focus on the front door.

 Burglar Proof Whether your neighborhood is a constant victim of burglaries or you are concerned about the growing number of property burglaries and break-in cases nationwide, you are probably looking for a few solutions to beef up protection. Most studies suggest that burglars use the front door to make their way into a home that has either been left unlocked or where the lock on the front door is of poor quality.

To come to your help, our expert residential locksmiths have created a series of front door burglar-proof tips that should come in handy. Without further ado, here is what you could do to make sure your front door is no longer an open invitation for potential intruders.

Beef Up Security On The Front Door

  • Start by making sure you have the sturdiest burglar-proof entryway you can afford. A poor-quality front door made of cheap materials will make you more vulnerable in front of a simple burglary attempt. Usually, all it takes is a simple kick or the use of a crowbar to break such a door down. Make sure you replace all cardboard or veneer doors with reliable metal, fiberglass or hardwood alternatives. If you plan on buying a metal front door, see that it has a powerful lock block, or else you will risk seeing it bent out of its frame. Keep in mind a good door must be tough, yet aesthetically pleasing, matching your home's curb appeal.

  • If your current door has windows on it, make sure you have it replaced with a windowless alternative. Cover any sliding doors with safety grills to limit potential burglars' access to your home through these vulnerable doors. Also, replace any simple latches that can be easily tampered with a little wiggling action by fitting locks that work with keys at both ends of the door. Consider adding a bar that will keep the door in place and prevent it from moving.

  • Replace poor-quality locks or locks that get jammed every now and then with high-quality, commercial-grade locks such as single- or double-cylinder deadbolt locks made of sturdy metal. You could get in touch with a residential locksmith for more guidance on how to choose the best locks to fit your door and also have them professionally handle the installation for optimal results. A good approach is to add doorknobs locks in all of your exterior doors, minus any sliding doors. Make sure that the locks have a throw bolt installed for enhanced anti-burglary protection.

  • It is also a good idea to consider installing an additional deadbolt for enhanced security. These are exit-only types of locks that do not require the use of an external key. While they may be visible to passers-by, no one will be able to actually unlock a door with such a mechanism on it – unless they attempt to cause damage to the door or its frame or pick the lock. It is also a good deterrent for potential intruders.

More Burglar-Proof Front Door Tips For Enhanced Home Security

If you do not already have cylinder guards installed around the lock cylinders, talk to a nearby locksmith and have them fit one for you. While most lock cylinders can be rather easily picked open with the help of wrenches or other techniques, adding safety rings on the exterior and the interior of a door should solve this problem. Look for a lock that also features a guard plate and rings that can spin – they will both beef up the lock's protection. Installing these extra safety features to an old, poor-quality lock is a good way of saving money while taking some real action against home burglars.

Keep in mind that the material the front door's frame is made of will determine its sturdiness in front of potential break-in attempts. Even though the actual door might be made of solid metal, a frame made of fragile materials with glued moldings will turn your home into a sure victim for neighborhood thieves. Also, check the length of the screws connecting the door frame to the wall and see they are long enough to reach the stud.

If the hinges on your door are visible to the naked eye, you should either use non-removable pins to secure the hinges or think about hanging the door again.

Hire a locksmith to help you install a peephole in your front door – it could be a smart peephole that records images and broadcasts them in real-time or a broad-view peephole that does not allow visitors to look back into the peephole.

For more home security tips and practical solutions, take a look at the information you can find on our website. You can also get in touch with our friendly customer support and let them know exactly what you need help with, be it new lock installation, lock repairs or re-keying, duplicate key making, peephole or doggy door installation, and the list goes on. We work fast and affordable and our experience in the field allows us to cater to your every home security need on the spot, with the best tools and know-how in the industry.