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All You Need To Know About Car Tracking Devices

If you have a car, most probably, you have a car tracking device, and you know just about enough about the device installed in your car. However, there is more to knowing that there is a tracking device in your car and knowing the specs as well as how it works. For this post, we gathered our experts and grilled them about car tracking devices. By the end of this post, you will have known what they are, how they work, and why you should have a professional automotive locksmiths install at least one in your car.

car tracking device

What Are Car Tracking Devices?

There is a flourishing car theft syndicate with an average of 1.2 million cars stolen around the world, which translates to at least one car stolen every 26.4 seconds. This leads to over $8 billion in annual losses, and most people hardly get to recover their cars. With these shocking statistics, car manufacturers are installing anti-theft devices to help safeguard your car such as alarms, to GPS car tracking devices. So what are they?

GPS trackers are portable devices installed in your car that allow vehicle owners and fleet managers to track and monitor the whereabouts of their cars and vehicles. While a manufacturer can install the tracking device in your car, various companies provide car-tracking services. The best has to be the real-time GPS trackers that you can monitor with your smartphone, they will give you instantaneous data ranging from the speed the car is moving, its location, and these are the premium car tracking devices.

Car tracking devices are not only helpful when your car has been stolen, but it helps you when you cannot recall where you parked the car, monitor where your teenagers are going or the company car when the driver is out making deliveries, or when you are suspicious about the whereabouts of a trusted person. However, due to dubious business people, they will convince you to get the cheapest option saying that it is as good as the pricier ones only for you to discover that you cannot track the car in case of a theft.

How Do Car Tracking Systems Work?

There are many types of car tracking devices on the market, and you ought to buy them depending on your needs. However, the bottom line ought to be that you can be able to tell the whereabouts of your car should it go missing. Technology has disrupted the traditional car tracking devices market and now, you can get a real-time feed from the tracker installed in your car on your smartphone, better yet, track it online. How do they work then?

Modern GPS trackers have a GPS receiver that captures signals from three or more visible signals, and this gives the exact location of the satellite. With the signal information from at least three satellites, you and a car trucking company or the police can be able to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle. However, if you get the latest models of car trackers, they can connect to a fourth satellite, and this will give more information about the car such as the altitude.

Active and Passive Car Tracking Devices

Some car tracking devices will transmit information about the location, speed, and altitude of the car in real-time, while others need to be removed from the car, for its information to be downloaded into a computer.

Passive car tracking devices will begin recording journey information from the minute you or anyone else turns on the car's ignition or opens the door. The tracking device will monitor the speed, GPS data and the direction the car is headed. After the car is returned to base, the tracker is then removed, and the data is downloaded.

Active car tracking devices, on the other hand, will relay the same information in real-time without the need for docking. This device allows you the car owner or the authorities to trace the whereabouts of the car at any time even when the car is turned off. If there is a poor connection and the device cannot transmit the data, the device will revert to a passive tracking device and will transmit the data when the connection is strong enough.

Why Should You Install A Car Tracking Device?

Most people feel that they should opt-out of using a car tracking device and think that the car can be tracked using the satellite navigation system. Our experts say that since there is nothing that connects your portable satellite navigation device to your car, it is not possible to track your car. Since it can be installed in another car, its location will not match that of your car. When the authorities find the satellite navigation, they will return it to you without the car. A car tracking device is important because

  • It is installed on a hidden part of the car where only you know
  • You can monitor company drivers, teenage drivers, and other drivers with an active car-tracking device
  • With a passive car-tracking device, you can tell where the driver has been
  • It helps with fleet management especially for tracking the mileage for reimbursement or bookkeeping

Depending on your needs whether personal or business, choose the right type of car tracker. The information above is all you need when shopping around for a car tracking device, and contact a lawyer to know when the use of a car tracker may be termed illegal.