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Choosing The Right High Tech Home Security System

There are so many advances in technology that have made our lives more streamlined and convenient. And now, thanks to huge advances in security systems, technology has given us the capability to keep our homes and our families safer. From remote control locks to the top of the line home security systems, you can make upgrades to your home security customized for your specific needs. 

Smartphone communication with your home systems:

In the last few years, there have been many companies creating high tech security systems that give you access to your home security system via your smartphone. With these security innovations, you are able to see video camera footage of the interior or exterior of your home, be notified when motion sensor lights are activated, have remote access to locking and unlocking doors, and have the ability to open or close the garage wherever you are. You are able to arm or disarm the system and receive a notification when the alarm is activated or deactivated. You can even check and adjust the temperature on your thermostat!

smart phoneAn advanced program like this gives you full access to your home no matter where you are which can be helpful for many sorts of circumstances. You can not only monitor your house while you are at work or out of town but if you have a pet at home or even kids coming home from school before you get there, you are able to check-in and see what is happening in your home.

There are even smart doorbells on the market now that will signal you when someone has rung your doorbell and give you the option to speak to them remotely on your smartphone using a speaker system built into your home's entry. While some of these programs and applications are more expensive than others, there may be one that's right for your home safety needs. 

Smart lock mechanisms:

There are many kinds of locking mechanisms that can be opened more conveniently now, eliminating the use of standard flat keys except for use as a backup. Here, we'll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of these mechanisms. 

  • Remote control locks- These locks can simply be placed on your key chain just like your car key fob. A great benefit is that your home can be locked or unlocked at the click of a button. A possible drawback is that this does require you to be near your home and usually cannot be done from miles away, but this option still adds convenience. It is also important to keep batteries on hand in case your remote battery dies, in addition to a standard flat key for manual unlocking. 
  • Coded locks- Coded locks offer the option of opening your home with a code instead of a key or in addition to a key. These can be helpful if you don't like carrying keys around and can also add extra security. A possible drawback would be forgetting the code, but you could contact your security service provider for help.
  • Security cameras- When looking into security cameras, you are offered many types to choose from. You can have motion-activated cameras or constant footage that saves for a specified amount of time so you can review footage. 
  • Security systems- The best security systems provide comprehensive coverage fo your home from the inside to the outside- external doors, garage entry, window locks and more. You can choose to set a silent alarm or sounding alarmed, depending on the situation. And as stated before, parts or all of these systems can be synced with other devices to offer you up to date coverage of your home.
  • Biometric fingerprint locks- Fingerprint locks are one of the most highly customized options for your home locking system, and open only for certain programmed fingerprints. A drawback could be someone that needs access to your home that does not have a programmed fingerprint, but there are manual backup settings.

Whatever your specific home security needs, Authorized Locksmiths has the perfect solutions for you. We provide rapid response, excellent prices, years of experience and top of the line technologies in security.

For these and all other hi-tech security recommendations and installation, contact us today to get your quote!