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The Pitfalls of DIY Locksmith Jobs

When you discover a problem with your locks, it can be very tempting to fix it yourself, especially if you are a DIY advocate. It may not seem difficult at first, and many DIY handymen and women might even be up to the challenge of a DIY key extraction or a basic lock change, but before you dig out your trusty screwdriver, you might want to consider these points and save yourself a lot of time, energy, expense, and possibly even personal injury.


Lower Prices & Higher Efficiency

If the reason you want to change locks or install new locks all by yourself is that you have a talent for anything manual and enjoy a challenge, go right ahead. Just keep a professional locksmith’s phone number handy while you’re having fun.

If the reason is that you either want to save a few bucks or you don’t want to waste time waiting for a locksmith to show up, then stop right there! For basic locksmithing tasks, the locksmith prices are surprisingly reasonable. You might actually end up saving money by calling a professional locksmith near you.

The reasons are simple: Professional locksmiths already have all the right tools for every kind of locksmithing job you could imagine, plus a couple more you’ve probably never heard of. They never need to buy a whole new screwdriver or drill bit for one job. They already have all the right locksmith tools in every size with them in their toolbox every time they answer a call. Plus, locksmith companies buy in bulk from wholesalers, so all the lock parts a professional locksmith provides usually turn out to be significantly cheaper than purchasing them yourself from the local hardware shop.


Speaking of having all the right parts already with them, expert locksmiths actually save you time because they never have to ‘pop out’ to the shop to buy a whole new screwdriver, new screw sizes or any other locksmith parts that you might need. Our Authorized Locksmiths are highly qualified, trained and experienced, so they know how to do each task handle all the basic tasks and any unforeseen complications quickly, efficiently and effectively. And finally, our local locksmiths are on call 24/7, so they can arrive at your location within half an hour of your call, day or night, and get the job done quickly.

So if you are looking to save time and money, call Authorized Locksmiths for professional and cheap locksmith services.

DIY Ethics vs. Safety

If you want to fix your own locks because you are capable, skilled with your hands and subscribe to DIY ethics and philosophies, we can respect that. After all, our dedicated locksmiths have chosen to make fixing locks their professional careers. But in many circumstances, you should also weigh your ideals against your personal safety.

There are many situations when trying to fix the lock yourself is ill-advised. Without the proper training and equipment, some locksmith problems are likely to cause accidents and can risk your mobility and health. For example,

Faulty lock installation

  • If you are trying to fix an electronic lock, you might want to call a professional rather than risk an electric shock if you are unaware of the specifications of your lock’s manufacturing.
  • If you need to remove a door or a lintel to fix the lock properly, rather call an authorized locksmith who can professionally assess the structure and is trained to remove it safely without fear of injuring their back.
  • Or if you are trying to fix your overhead garage door, you may not only have to contend with the electronic receivers that are connected to most door locks but also with the garage door springs and counterweights that can be triggered all too easily.

Unless you are a maintenance whiz and you are positive the job requires no specialist knowledge, we recommend you call a licensed locksmith rather than risk your own health!

Why Invite Security Risks & Higher Insurance Premiums?

DIY locksmith projects can cause a security risk

Fixing a lock by yourself might sound easy enough, but if it’s a window or an entrance door lock, you are also risking your overall home or office security. If the screws are not tight enough, if the lock itself is faulty or if the lock is not inserted perfectly then you are leaving your house open to burglars and home invasions. In fact, your entire alarm system may be affected and may not work properly because the one lock is not in line with the rest of your home security system.

If your home is not properly secured, your insurance rates may also be affected. And if your home is invaded and the insurance company discovers that the intruder entered through a faulty lock you fixed yourself, they are unlikely to honor your claim.

To avoid all these pitfalls, simply call Authorized Locksmiths to keep your home secure and your insurance premiums low!


Our Guarantee

Authorized Locksmiths not only arrive quickly and repair your locks effectively the first time, but we also guarantee our work. This means that we have a vested interest in making sure all the lock repairs we do are top-notch. It also means that your insurance premiums will be lower and if by chance, your home is invaded through that window or entrance, your insurance company is required to honor your insurance claim.


Don’t compromise on your home security – call our locksmith team to receive premium and affordable locksmith services!