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Expert Peephole Installation Services

A peephole should be on every front door. To have a door viewer installed in your home, contact our peephole installation experts today! While not the most high-tech security device on the planet, a peephole is a very effective security measure that every home should have.

There are many different types of door viewers that our locksmith experts can help you out with. Our home locksmiths can help you out with the process of choosing and installing a door viewer for your door. We work with all major brands and can provide you with a variety of different types of peepholes to best meet your needs. The door viewers we install come in different styles and colors to match your decor while protecting your home simultaneously.

Our locksmiths service all these following peephole services: Peephole installation services

  • Peephole installations
  • Door viewer repairs
  • High-tech door viewer installations
  • Door viewers for apartments
  • Custom peephole services
  • Door viewer upgrades

Our residential locksmiths can install and replace peepholes for on your front door whenever you need it. We offer high tech door viewer installation services, as well as classic peephole installation services. Getting a new peephole installed on your door is as simple as contacting our locksmith professionals. To get the expert locksmith service for door viewers you need, contact our locksmith team today.

Peephole Installation for all Doors

Before you install the new peephole, you will need to decide where on the door to install the hole. The ideal way to go about this is by simply standing as you would when trying to see who is at your door at a given time and then take a pencil and mark the spot on the door where you want to drill a hole. If several people plan on using the peephole, you should mark it at a level where it will be easy for all members of the family to stand and see through it. If there are children you should add an extra peephole at a lower level.

We install all of the following types of peepholes:

  • MiniViewers
  • MiniScopes
  • XtraScopes
  • NuScopes
  • WideScopes.
  • Ultra-Vision
  • High tech door viewers

We are here to install any type of door viewer in your home for you. To get our expert locksmith services right away, just give us a call!

Our Door Viewer Installation Process

When installing a new door viewer on your door, our locksmith will want to drill a hole in the door and then insert a pilot bit into the center of the hole in order to install the peephole. Every peephole is a different size, which is why it’s important that our professional take proper measurements, to begin with. Once the measurements have been done, our locksmith will start drilling your hole, while holding his or her tools as steady as possible.

Our locksmith will make sure the hole is even on both sides and will apply the two parts of the peephole. When doing this step, our locksmith will likely have the door open and will stand in the middle so as to reach the two sides of the door with ease and screw it together more easily, making sure that it is screwed on tightly on both sides of the door. Installing a peephole is a complicated task and can be done very quickly and easily whether it is done by you or professional locksmith service. It’s for the safety of yourself and your family if you don’t already have a peephole; consider installing one today. 

Peepholes for Home Protection

It's really important to make sure you have a peephole on your front door, as it lets you look out to see who is at your door before you let anyone in. Oftentimes, when a thief is trying to break into a house, he/she will almost always try knocking or ringing your doorbell first, before looking for a way to break in. It is for this reason that you should never unlock the door unless you know who is on the other side.

If you don’t have windows then it advised for you to add a peephole. A standard peephole is sold in your nearest home depot store and locksmiths have a wide variety as well. The main idea of a peephole is for the individual inside the home to be able to see who is at the door without the person standing on the other side being able to view in at all.

Authorized locksmiths are ready for your convenience to come and install your peephole with a low cost and warranty. Give us a call today.