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Does Your Lock Need Fixing or Replacing?

If you’re moving to a new place, your home or office has been broken into, or if you just went through a messy breakup, you will need to do something about your home locks.


Replace door lock

Have you recently moved homes? Is your lock falling off the door? Does your lock get jammed shut, not letting you into your home? Not all lock-related issues are the same. Some problems can be resolved by locksmith experts while other problems are much more serious and are impractical to repair. If a lock has been tampered with or damaged beyond repair, the lock should be replaced promptly, as it can pose a major security vulnerability. Locks that are too fragile and can’t protect your home any longer should be changed or fixed if possible; locks that are in good working order but that you are considering changing because you are concerned about who might have a key for, can be rekeyed easily, saving you a considerable amount of money.

Change the Lock

It might, in fact, be necessary to change and replace your door lock completely if your locks are old and worn out. Over time, locks can become weathered which can cause them to stick, locking you out of your own home. If your home has been broken into, chances are, you need a new set of locks. This is true even if the thief broke into your home by climbing in through a window or through your garage. The reason for this is because even if there hasn’t been any damage done to your door lock, the burglars might have gotten their hands on a spare house key that you might’ve had lying around.

Fix your Lock

In this day and age of disposables, when we are surrounded by disposable diapers, pens, cutlery, and even digital cameras, many Americans are getting back to basics and are slower to get rid of things that can be repaired. Some older model homes come with door locks that are old but can be made to work well again with a bit of attention from a locksmith professional. Fixing an existing lock is a great option since it’ll allow you to get the most out of the lock that your home already has, without you needing to purchase a new one.

The Best Fix is to Re-key

Re-keying your locks is a great option if you are just moving into a previously owned home, or you just split up with an ex who you don’t trust, or if someone has picked your lock or gained access by using a key that you didn’t know existed. Re-keying is done by changing the inner workings of the lock to allow it to work with a different key. The locksmith changes the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock, so it is a matter of taking the lock apart and putting it back together. When re-keying a door lock, the replacement of the entire lock is not necessary.

No matter what your security situation is, be it an emergency or not, Authorized Locksmith Company is there to give advice. Give us a call, and we’ll come out and assess your security system. Then we’ll offer a fair estimate for the work you might need.