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Ineffective Theft Deterrents

The internet is full of tips on how to protect your home from break-ins while away on vacation, here are some popular security tips that just don’t work.


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Leaving your home lights on round-the-clock

This is a big one, not only because it is a dead giveaway to anyone staking out your home, but also because it is so easily rectified. Leaving your light on consistently sends such an obvious message that you are not home. Installing timers that will automatically turn your lights off and on throughout the day will give the impression that you are actually home, even while you are in fact away.

Having your friendly dog to guard your house

Even if your pet dog is really big, if it is friendly, it won’t protect you the way you’re hoping it will. True, a really big dog might seem intimidating from afar, however, what you should really focus on is the loudness and assertiveness of a dog’s bark rather than its size. If you want to get yourself a proper guard dog, choose a feistier breed of a dog that will bark excessively at the sight of a possible intruder. Remember that what a burglar fears most is having someone catch him committing his crime. A barking dog will get the attention of your neighbors and passerby, who will make thieves run away as fast as their feet will allow.

Hiding Windows behind thick bushes

It sounds like a good idea to hide windows out of view so that they are difficult for burglars to locate and break into, but in reality, thieves use them to hide behind while they jimmy your window locks and try to discreetly find a way to break into your house. Your bushes might actually be helping thieves! If you do want to plant shrubbery that will keep burglars away, consider choosing plants with thorns, barbs, and spikes, as it will make accessing your windows that much more difficult to do, and will help keep intruders away. 

Posting company alarm signs

Many people think they are dissuading thieves by posting the fact that their home is secured by a well-known security company when in actuality you might just be giving them the last piece of information they need to know when breaking into your home. Once the name of the company you use is known to thieves, it is pretty easy to bypass security, as it lets thieves know which system needs to be bypassed. Let’s not make criminals jobs any easier for them to carry out! To have a working home alarm system installed, call us for a residential locksmith service.  

Pausing your daily newspaper and mail delivery

Thieves make a point of trying to learn the schedule and routine of the residents of the houses they plan on hitting up. If they are watching your entire street, like they often do, they will notice that your home is not getting any mail or newspaper delivery. Your home will turn into an easy target when it becomes clear that you are away from home for a few days. You are much better off by asking a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mail daily while you’re away if possible.