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Locks To Look For When Securing Your Home

When protecting your home, there are a number of types of locks to consider, not just for the house itself, but for all of your property. Here are a few considerations to think about:


Secure home lock

Protecting Your Home From Within

Front Door and Back Door Locks

The exterior doors of your home are the most important, so you should seek the highest grade of security for all entrances to the house. A door-knob lock, accompanied by the deadbolt lock is the best option here. A door-knob lock allows for key access from the outside, and its spring slam-shut bolt allows you to shut the door easily from the inside, with thumb turns to lock from the inside. The cylinder dead-bolt lock does the harder work of keeping burglars out. You can get a deadbolt that locks with keys from one or both sides, depending on your needs.

Interior Door Locks

Most homes have privacy locks on interior doors. They have a lower grade of security, turn-lock from the inside, and have a simple-key lock for the outside. But you should also consider file cabinets, gun cabinets, and furniture locks. Security for these come in the form of a various cylinder and mortise locks.

Securing the Perimeter of Your Home

Your Garage Door Lock

Think about it; a lot of your possessions, like bikes and costly power tools, are stored in your garage. Professional thieves know this, which is why garages that are attached to homes are often the weak point of access that allows thieves to break into a home. If your garage leads into your home, you should make sure to install a deadbolt in the door that leads from the inside of your garage to your house, treating it like any other exterior door.

Follow these simple tips:

  • If you want to make sure that your garage door itself is properly secure, you should make sure your automatic door has a secure code or frequency.
  • Consider attempting to padlock the throw latch on your garage door when you’re out of town.

With such a huge range of garage door locks available these days, there is simply no reason why your garage shouldn't be secure!

Your Front Gate Lock

If you have a swimming pool or an outdoor gate that leads to your yard, consider locks as an extra level of security. This could be something as simple as a padlock or mortise latch lock, or something as sophisticated as a keyless pushbutton handle lock. These locks are important, not only as a way of ensuring that thieves don't find their way onto your property, but also as a way of protecting children and pets from danger. Safety latches and locks can help prevent the little ones from entering into a deep pool area unattended or running into the street unsupervised. 

Authorized Locksmiths are trained to know the best options to advise you in any security-related situation. Our estimates are free, so you can get the work done to prevent that emergency situation. 

Give us a call, and we’ll come out and help you assess your home locksmith needs.