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Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scammers

There is nothing more frazzling than locking yourself in or out of your car and home. It not only inconveniences you but also exposes you to a lot of embarrassment and danger. Such emergency calls for immediate locksmith services online, who most of the time are fraudsters.

  • Every day, hundreds of people fall victim to such scams and end up incurring massive losses. If you don’t have time to scan through the certified locksmiths in your state, then this is the article for you. We will edify you on the schemes used by the locksmith fraudsters and how to avoid them.
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  • Know your lock and avoid replacements- The oldest trick adopted by the fraudsters is complicating things and at times terming your lock as sophisticated or foreign. This is enough headlights that the locksmith wants to inflate the rates by suggesting the need for extra tools.
  • To avoid such circumstances, always know your lock. That way, you will notify the locksmith before they give their quotation on the kind of lock they will be handling. Additionally, avoid locksmiths who are quick to ask for replacements even before assessing the current lock. Most of them are brokers with local lock sellers and want to benefit from the commissions.
  • Ask for their documentation and estimate quotation- Reputable locksmith companies are registered and have licenses from the state’s authority before they are permitted to offer the services. It is hence vital for you to verify your locksmith’s documents before getting into an agreement.
  • If you get the locksmith online and the communications are via phone, it is more likely that the Fraudster locksmiths will give outrageously low figures like $10 or give a rough figure. When you fall trap of such rates and hire them, they will come and increase the price with some miscellaneous expenses. You are hence advised to avoid extremely low quotations.
  • Discuss all rates before the work and insist on getting a receipt- Scam locksmiths will sense your desperation and quickly fix the lock and use technical words to keep you confused, and before you know it you have paid for undelivered services. To evade such circumstances, discuss all the expenses before the job starts. Let them break down their labor cost, mileage and extra time charges.
  • A receipt is also proof as to whether the locksmith is working under a company or freelancing, and most freelancers are scams. Be cautious of the locksmiths insisting on cash terms, because legitimate companies find no fuss while using debit or credit card payments.
  • Avoid the top 3-4 google searches- Often emergencies are solved by google searches, thanks to its virtual accessibility from anywhere. However, you need to be more cautious with the top listings from Google, as most of them are paid ads. Paid listings are easy to identify due to the ad symbol on their bottom left. 
  • The most effective searches are those on organic and local searches. Google legitimately ranks the companies on these phases from customer reviews, location, and information on their websites. They are hence safer compared to those that automatically appear after your first search.
  • Scrutinize the company`s ratings or get referrals- You can never go wrong with a company that has been vouched for by previous clients. You should look for companies with a minimum of 4.5 stars on Yelp, Google and BBB (local better business bureau). Once you are satisfied with the ratings, make a call and make inquiries.
  • You can also consult friends and get actual referrals from them. Your friends will give exact information about a specific firm out of the experience, and the chances of being defrauded are highly slashed.
  • Avoid vague calls that even take long before getting a response- A reputable locksmith company hires qualified customer care people, and it is very shortcoming for them to receive a call and use a general name like locksmith rather than their actual business names. Additionally, their customer services are 24 hrs. In operation. You should hence avoid companies that take forever to respond to your calls or worse still don’t refer to their actual business names.
  • Inconsistent appearance- Most fake locksmiths don’t carry IDs to prove that they work under a reputable brand. Some of them don’t even wear a uniform and operate in unlabeled cars. You should always avoid such locksmiths because legitimate companies offer transportation in well-marked vehicles and provide full attire and equipment before dispatching the workers.

What to do If You've Been Scammed

Once you fall, a victim of the scammers, don’t just stay silent. You should immediately report to the relevant authorities like Better Business Bureau, Federal trade commission, police officers or your bank in case you used credit or debit cards for payments. You should also include a poor review on the company’s website and google search to save other vulnerable clients. Also, learn to rely on our professional locksmith services when you find yourself in need.

With the rise of locksmith scams, people are advised to take extra caution especially if you are outsourcing one on the web. The tips given above are just accompaniments to keep you safe, but what is important is your sharp eye to detail to avoid fraudsters.