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7 Tips For The Big Move

Moving into a new home can be such an exciting process. You have a new neighborhood or city to explore, a fresh space to decorate, possibly a start to different jobs or schools, and many new opportunities available to you. Despite all of this, moving can be an overwhelming process; and you may be more vulnerable to theft during a move. Here we discuss some tips for keeping your home and family safe during the big move.

7 Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure:

locked door1- Get the locks rekeyed- The very first thing we always recommend when someone is moving into a previously owned home is to have your locks rekeyed as soon as you get there. Previous owners may still have keys and they may have given friends or neighbors keys; not to mention keys that may be unaccounted for. Having locks rekeyed is a simple process that can be completed by professionals in very little time at a low cost.

2- Cover windows first- While it's tempting to unpack boxes and arrange furniture before doing any decorating, one of the most important steps for deterring theft is to hang your curtains or window coverings first, and do your best to keep expensive appliances from being visible from the street. During a move, your home is filled with boxes of your most valuable items and they are usually labeled. Burglars know this and target homes during moves for this reason. It makes it easy for them to get in and out quickly, and they can expect that you will be away from your home frequently because of errands involved with moves. 

3- Install motion sensor lighting- An easy step to take is to have motion sensor lighting installed. This can be an effective deterrent to theft and keeps the areas around your home well-lit if you need to see outside at night. 

4- Invest in a home security system- Home security systems are more advanced and more customizable than ever before. From standard coded systems to programmed that can be operated through your smartphone. We can recommend some of the best alarm systems on the market with options that fit your specific needs. This can include security cameras, remote garage door control and even the ability to engage or disengage house locks from your smartphone.

5- Get to know your neighbors- It may not seem very important, but meeting a few of your neighbors is a good step for staying safe. Neighbors, especially those who may be home more hours during the day, may notice things that are out of the ordinary around your home and can feel free to contact you if you've exchanged phone numbers. They may also be available to collect your mail window lockor mow your lawn when you're out of town to deter theft when you are away from your home for long periods of time.

6- Upgrade your window locks-Check to be sure all window locks are functioning properly and if you have a sliding glass door, secure it with a metal or wooden bar to keep it from being forced open. If you are able to force open any windows or doors in your home, burglars will be able to as well.

7- Get a home security check- At Authorized Locksmiths, our professional technicians who specialize in home locksmith services have years of expertise in the business and work hard to keep you and your family safe. We provide home security checks where we can inspect your current locking systems for optimal functioning and make recommendations for upgrades in security. These may be as simple as an extra deadbolt or swing latch or could be things you hadn't thought of before like a mailbox lock or heavier gate locks. We offer affordable services and great response times so you can rely on us for all your security needs.

Give us a call today or visit our website to schedule your home security check and speak to one of our professionals!