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Protecting Your Motorcycle from Theft

Motorcycles are the most frequently stolen vehicles in the United States. Keep your bike protected by following these motorcycle security tips.

Motorcycle security

Did you know that among all vehicles in the United States, motorcycles are the most frequently stolen (based on DMV data)? When you think about it from the perspective of car burglars, it begins to make a lot of sense. Motorcycles are small and compact which makes them easy to store, resell, and steal in a hurry. When it comes to thefts, it all comes down to opportunity. Because motorbikes are so small, they are really easy to drive away with. For an experienced criminal, it takes only a few short minutes to start a motorcycle and drive away. They do it so quickly, that they usually drive off before the bike’s owner ever notices.

Another reason why motorcycles are stolen so often is because there is such a minimal amount of security protecting them, unlike cars, which come with preinstalled security systems and built-in alarms, motorcycles’ main security measure is their ignition, which, while it does act as a competent layer of theft protection, it is simply not enough to stop thieves. Another factor is simple supply and demand. There are so many people out there who are looking to purchase motorbikes, which makes reselling them a sure thing. Think about it: what could be better for a burglar than an easy mark with a good resale value on an item that is always in very high demand. Now that we understand why it is so important to keep motorcycles secure, we can think about practical ways to go about it.

Practical Motorcycle Security Tips:

Keep it locked to a heavy stationary object – Lock your motorcycle by chaining it to a street pole or other heavy object that can’t move. If there is no available option around when you’re trying to park, you can even chain your bike up to a friend’s.

Get disc brakes – If your ride doesn’t already have forks and disc brakes preinstalled on it, it is recommended that you get them installed on your own. If you already have them installed on your bike, be smart and use them, even if you are just running into a store for “just two minutes”.

Don’t pimp up your ride - When accessorizing your motorcycle, try not to go overboard. All the trimmings you add will make your bike more valuable, which will essentially but an even bigger target on your motorcycle, making it an easy mark.

Install a kill switch – Have your local auto locksmith install a kill switch that is hidden from view will make stealing your motorbike that much more difficult to pull off.

Park it indoors– It is not possible to do all the time, but whenever you have the option, you should try to park your bike indoors, if not inside your living room, then at least in your garage or building’s lobby (so long as no one minds!).

Get car insurance – At the end of the day, even if we put a lot of energy and money into securing our motorcycles, there is no way to completely ensure that your ride won’t get stolen. Getting the proper coverage in advance could save you a lot of financial loss down the road.