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Solutions For Malfunctioning Vehicle Alarms

Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to turn off a car alarm once it has started sounding? Does your vehicle security need an upgrade? At Authorized Locksmiths, we are experts at meeting all your vehicle security needs including the basics of car alarms, common malfunctions, and solutions for your vehicle's alarm problems.

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How Do Car Alarms Work?

There are many kinds of alarm systems installed in cars that vary based on make, model, and age of a vehicle. Additionally, many people have extra-alarm systems installed in their cars that provide more options and higher security. Let's start exploring car alarm problems and solutions by reviewing the basics of how car alarms work.

  • Sounding alarms- The noise an auto alarm makes varies from horn sounds to sirens to alternating sounds. You can even program your alarm to deliver a verbal warning. 
  • Lights- In addition to the sounds your car makes, some alarms also cause the lights on our vehicle to flash, drawing more attention to the area.
  • ActivationMost alarms are activated by locking the car or by pushing a button to activate the alarm on your remote. Also available on many remotes is a feature commonly called the "panic button" which enables you to turn on your vehicle's alarm if you suspect criminal activity near your car or even need help finding your vehicle. 
  • Alarm triggersThings that can trigger alarms vary from the forced entry of the doors or trunk to the sound of glass breaking. Some alarms are activated when pressure is put on the vehicle's body. This can be especially helpful as it may signal a potential break-in or someone hitting your vehicle with their car. Some can be engaged when the hood is opened, and others work using motion sensors inside the vehicle. To protect from hot-wiring, some alarms can be set to sound when the ignition is turned on without proper key.

Important note: Car alarms are not the same thing as car immobilizers but both can be effective in deterring theft. Immobilizers make sure that your vehicle does not start without the proper chip, but they do not have their own sounding alarm.

Common Car Alarm Malfunctions:

These are the most common types of vehicle alarm malfunctions that we see occurring with our clients time and time again:

  1. Alarm going off randomly- If your car alarm seems to be going off at strange times without any trigger to set it off, it may mean that your alarm sensors need to be re-calibrated. 

  2. A car alarm that is too sensitive- When a vehicle alarm goes off when cars drive by, or animals barks it means that the alarm system is too sensitive. It is possible that it can be reprogrammed but you may prefer a different alarm system.

  3. Vehicle alarms that have stopped sounding- If you suspect that your vehicle alarm has stopped working, it's important to have it tested and either re-calibrated or replaced.

  4. If you can't turn your alarm off- If you have difficulty turning off the car alarm after it has begun sounding, the system may need to be reset, or the battery in your remote may need to be replaced.

Getting Your Car Alarm Fixed

car troubleAt Authorized Locksmiths, we offer car alarm services for any problem you may be having. We can reset your car alarm, install a new one if yours is malfunctioning, or upgrade security in your vehicle by adding new safety features to your vehicle. Our professionals have a lot of experience with car security, so no matter what is wrong with your alarm, we can fix it. And if you're looking for security upgrades, we can make recommendations customized for your needs.

We have specialized tools that can not only help us repair your broken car alarm for you but can also help locate and resolve the issue right away so that your car alarm issue is resolved in the shortest amount of time necessary.

All Your Vehicle Security Repair Needs

We don't just fix car alarms, our authorized car locksmiths can handle all your vehicle security needs. We provide door and trunk rekeys, lockout solutions, transponder key services, ignition repair, high tech security upgrades, key duplication, and more. Our company has service providers located from coast to coast so we're sure to have the nearest locksmiths available. We are known for our excellent response times, quality services and competitive prices. Let us help you customize a plan for your vehicle security that is affordable and effective.

If you're experiencing car alarm problems or want advice on vehicle security upgrades, call us today!