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Things a Home Burglar Would Say if He Were Honest

Did you ever wonder what a home thief would tell you if he or she were honest? The following are some things that a burglar would never say out loud.

home burglar

Trying to prevent a home theft from happening to you? When working towards securing your home from thieves, it’s important to think as they do. By getting into the mindset of a home burglary, you can help keep your home safer and better protected than ever.

  • What scares me more than anything else are your house pets, especially loud barking dogs that are likely to bring me some unwanted attention while I’m going about my business.
  • People think that I’m a shrewd lock-picker who can break through any door. True, I might be able to break through many house locks, but I’d rather not go through all the trouble, especially when so many homeowners are good enough to leave their doors unlocked in any case, it just makes my job so much easier to do.
  • Sure, I look through your garbage. If I see that your garbage has boxes from the latest Xbox on the market that you just got for your kids for Christmas, it might tempt me to try to get my hands on it.
  • I keep a ladder in the back of my vehicle, just in case you’ve left your upstairs windows wide open.
  • If you think I’m just after your jewelry, electronics, and money, think again. One of my most profitable resale items is your prescription and non-prescription drugs and medications.
  • When I want to see if your house is a worthwhile target, I always take a look at your home through your windows. If you don’t want me to be able to see inside your home, then in addition to placing curtains by your windows, you might want to consider hanging curtains on your sliding glass patio doors and those big glass panels on your front door. They often provide a great view of your entire living space.
  • If I want to know whether or not your home, I look to see how many newspapers and fliers have accumulated outside of your front door.
  • When I see lights flickering on and off, or I hear your television on inside your home, I’ll presume that your home, even if you are in fact away, it’s just not worth the risk.
  • The only thing more exciting than finding a diamond necklace hidden inside your sock drawer is finding a whole box full of money, passports, and jewelry all organized in one central portable suitcase that you call a portable home safe.
  • If you truly want to dissuade me from trying to break into your home, you should start by talking to the individuals who come to clean up after the messes I make. The police are not the only ones who can help you out. Authorized Locksmiths are the first individuals to be called in after the police which is why they know so much about theft prevention. Ask them what they recommend when improving your home security.