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Tips to Prevent Accidentally Locking Children In Cars

According to the nonprofit safety group, Kids and Cars, there is an average of 37 child deaths a year from vehicular heat strokes. The following are some practical tips to prevent accidentally locking children in cars.

Child Vehicle Heatstroke Statistics USA

Avoiding Child Deaths from Hot Cars

Years ago, babies sat in the passenger seat alongside the driver. Because of airbag safety concerns, car seats were moved to back seats. While keeping children in the back seat of a car might help keep them safe in case of car accidents, since being moved to the back of the car, the number of child deaths due to heat strokes has skyrocketed. These deaths, which are avoidable, are all too heartbreaking.

There must be something we can do to avoid such tragedies.

The question is: what can be done to prevent children from being locked in cars? We don’t have all the answers, but our experienced automobile locksmiths do have some practical tips that can help prevent children from accidentally getting locked in vehicles.

This year, in the US alone, a child will die from vehicular heatstroke every 9 days.

Practical Solutions for Preventing Kids from Getting Locked in Vehicles

Here are some practical child vehicle safety tips that might just save your child’s life.

  • Never leave your children alone. If you are running errands and you are thinking about leaving your child inside your car “just for a second” you should rethink your plan. Quick errands can take longer than expected and a small child cannot last more than a short while in a heated car.
  • Keep Car Keys out of reach from children. Never leave your keys where your child can reach them. Children are naturally curious and can accidentally lock themselves inside a car or car trunk with no way out and no way to notify you.
  • Keep an extra set of keys on hand. Keeping an extra set of car keys by a neighbor or other family member can save lives. This way, if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car, you can get ahold of a backup set of keys should you need it. Our professional locksmiths can duplicate car keys for you whenever you need it.
  • Be in contact with your child’s babysitter. It might seem unthinkable, but it happens more often than one might think. At times, one parent thinks the other one has taken a child to daycare and the child gets left in the vehicle for the whole day. Arrange that your child’s teacher calls to let you know if your child doesn’t make it into daycare one day.
  • Make sure bigger children are prepared. Teach your child that cars are not toys and show them how to unlock their car door in case of emergencies. Additionally, make sure your trunk has a release mechanism on the inside. A bigger child might play inside your vehicle without your being aware and then not be able to get themselves out.
  • Keep a valuable item on the back seat. Make a habit of keeping your purse, phone or left shoe near your child in the back seat of your car. This will motivate you to double-check the back seat of your car each time you leave. The most important thing to remember is that everyone is capable of forgetting a child in the car, even the most loving parents!

Do your part to help keep children safe.

If you see your own child or someone else’s child locked inside a car, call 911 as well as an emergency locksmith service immediately!

Feel free to visit our frequently asked questions page for additional locksmith tips