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Everything you Need to Know About Universal Car Remote

The universal remotes have capabilities to be used on different cars and vehicles, and it replaces the need for factory-made remotes. If you have multiple cards, you can then use one remote to gain access to them all. We enlisted the help of our auto locksmiths for advice on how to choose the best universal car remote and the advantages they possess.

If you have ever lost the key to your car, then you already know how expensive and stressful the process of replacing it can be. Dealerships will ask for anywhere between $100 and $700 for key replacement and reprogramming it to match your car can incur an additional $60 to $150. Universal car remotes work like the universal TV remotes, and they are designed to work with factory-installed keyless entry systems. It is designed specifically for retailers in the car locksmith industry. However, car owners can still use it. The universal car remotes allow you to unlock and lock doors, popping the trunk, without the original keyless remote. You can get the universal car remote for no more than $65 and the best part is that you can program it yourself to work with your car.

universal car remote

How to Program a Universal Car Remote

Universal car remotes work for various car makes and models starting from 1997 to the present models. It is designed to have a similar look and feel to the original keyless remote that came with the car. The best universal car remotes are water-resistant and can work for more than 1000 models. After getting your universal are remote, how do you go about making it compatible with your car?

Be sure to read the users’ manual for the universal car remote that you have just bought. The manual will have the various steps to follow for different makes and models. However, of importance is that the programming instructions have timing requirements. Staying too long between steps could lead to the process timing out, and you will be forced to start over again.

Pairing a Universal Car Remote

This is the most crucial part of making the vehicle and the remote compatible.

  • Get into the car and close all doors
  • Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position without starting the engine
  • Turn the ignition to the OFF position and remove the key
  • Press and hold down the door lock switch on the driver’s side in the UNLOCK position
  • Put and remove the key in the ignition two times consecutively but do not turn the key, then insert it for the third time and leave it in the ignition
  • Release the door lock switch and the vehicle ought to give three beeps to alert you that the pairing mode has been activated
  • Press down the LOCK and UNLOCK switches together on the universal car remote and hold down until you hear two beeps from the car to verify the pairing. This step takes about 15 seconds, so be patient

Remember, as soon as you hear the beeps, move on to the next step. However, you can contact our locksmiths, and they will pair your universal car remote for you in record time.


Most manufacturers will give a warranty and the standard period is 30 days from the date of delivery. However, you can purchase an extended warranty, which is optional to protect your purchase. However, the warranty does not cover the loss of the universal car remote loss since they will need the remote back to investigate and ensure that remotes produced in the future do not have similar defects as your own.

The optional extended warranty runs for 3 to 4 years, and it will begin as soon as you make the purchase, and so it is necessary to keep your order number safe. This is what is covered in the warranty

  • All damage as well as item wear and tear
  • Manufacturer breakage and defects
  • Does not cover battery replacement
  • Does not cover item loss

However, the manufacturer has the right to deny warranty on the basis that you intentionally caused the defect, loss of the item, and battery exhaustion and replacement

Where and How to Buy a Universal Car Remote

To beat the hefty costs of replacing a key and the fobs, you can get the universal car remote on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay, but you can also find it at your local dealership or even the hardware store. However, how do you make the better choice?

  • Look into the number of supported cars makes and models
  • Go for a waterproof remote since it will avoid you requiring to use the warranty since you will pay for the shipping charges
  • Choose between a single door and a multi-door universal car remote. Multi-door is more convenient over the single-door, but the single-door system is much safer
  • Depending on your needs, you will find universal remotes with various transmitter ranges. Transmitters with a long-range are of course more expensive
  • If you share a car with different people, you ought to get various transmitters and when programming the remote, ensure you have the transmitter in the car with you to par all of them

Universal car remotes are the better option for seeking key replacement services. They are not only cheaper to get, but they also give a sense of security. Contact us if you need any help with the pairing or maintaining the universal car remotely.