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What should you do if your keys are locked in your trunk?

Locking keys in the trunk is something that happens to many people at one point or another. If you are experiencing a car trunk lockout, these tips can help you out.

trunk lockout solutions

It is never fun to lock your keys in your car trunk, but it happens; you put your keys down, just for a second, and accidentally closed the trunk shut! No fun!!  If you have an extra car key with you, it should be easy to unlock your car trunk and get the other set of keys out from within it. If you don't have a spare key, you can always try to break into the trunk on your own, or you could try calling us, your authorized auto locksmiths. A regular locksmith would be able to get into your car, but the trunk is a whole other issue. You may be stuck in the parking lot, scratching your head and thinking of how you are going to get in the trunk because after all, the trunk is designed to be safe and impossible for thieves to get into.

Opening the Trunk

To open some trunks depending on the type of car, one might be required to make his way into the trunk of the car via the back seat of the vehicle. This is accomplished by lowering the car’s back seat by pulling the emergency release clasp and then crawling through to the trunk. Once in the car trunk, you can retrieve your car keys. If the issue is not only locking your key in the trunk, but also a faulty lock that needs to be contended with, you can take out the trunk lock completely and try to figure out what is preventing it from functioning properly and figuring out what’s wrong with it. Often times bend screws or aging lock parts might be contributing the issues. At this point, you will have to make sure that everything is in working order. If you try to open the trunk yourself and it does not work you most certainly will need a locksmith to handle this situation for you.

Calling a Specialized Auto Locksmith

When you call the locksmith you must tell the dispatcher to notify the technician that your keys are in the trunk and not in the car. Breaking into any modern car, the alarm will go off shutting down the electrics responsible for the trunk release and the technician will need a series of tools to break into the trunk. This type of work might be a little expensive depending on how the technician needs to open the trunk and on the tools he uses along with how long it might take him.

Call us, your 24 /7 auto locksmith if this has happened to you, our technicians are qualified and trained to open the locks in a quick and neat manner with no damage done what so ever.