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What's in a Locksmith's Toolbox?

A well-equipped toolbox is a locksmith’s best friend. A locksmith can get through some of the most secure locks on the market… It all starts with our specialty locksmith tools.

Locksmith toolbox

Take a Peek Inside Our Toolbox

A locksmith’s tools are very specialized. True you might find some familiar tools inside our toolboxes, like drills, screwdrivers, hammers and the like that we use when installing new locks and alarms. Most of the time, however, you’ll find us using our specialty locksmith tools that only a professional locksmith will have.

A skilled locksmith knows exactly which tools to use for each occasion.

There are many specialty tools that a locksmith must have on his person at all times when servicing a customer, for that reason, it is not uncommon to see our technicians driving around with a van full of specialty tools that will be used to complete various locksmith tasks. For the uninitiated, the following is a simplified list of the top 5 locksmith specialty tools and how they are used.

Our Top 5 Locksmith Tools

Plug Spinner

This simple tool is used to help individuals in a home lockout situation. A plug spinner is a small tool that alters the position of the lock so that it goes from being locked to unlocked (it can also lock doors). This handy tool helps our locksmiths resolve frustrating lockout situations time and again!

Broken Key Extractors

As its name suggests, this tools helps extract broken key bits from inside locks. This tool is very thin which enables it to reach deep inside keyholes. They come in various sizes to fit different size locks. Many versions of this tool come in pairs, much like a set of pliers that helps us grab ahold of the broken key which we can then pull out with a bit of skill.

Car Lockout Kits

One of the most commonly requested services that we offer is our car lockout services. There are many cars on the road and many auto security systems that must be taken into account. For this reason, we have a whole collection of auto locksmith tools that we bring along with us when making car locksmith service calls. Tools like pump wedges, auto jigglers, slim Jim kits, and auto tension tools are used by our locksmiths on a daily basis. These tools when putting all together make for a practical and effective car lockout kit.

Drill Jigs

When looking for greater control and accuracy when completing tasks like installing new locks or making duplicate keys, drill jigs are a very big help to our locksmiths. There are many types of jigs, which are used by professional locksmiths in a myriad of ways.

Key Decoders

This tool is used to rekey door locks, which is a cost-effective alternative to replacing door locks completely. These guides let our locksmiths know which pins need to be used for each door lock. There are many different types of key decoders since each type of lock needs its own key decoder guide.

Watch our tools in action! Call upon your authorized locksmith professionals today.