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Professional Boat Locksmith Services

Looking for an expert boat locksmith to service your boat’s needs ASAP? If your boat is in port, we can arrive in 30 min to service your boat locksmith needs.

When you seek out the services of a professional locksmith, you would naturally expect to deal with people who have experience with a range of different undertakings. You would want someone who is capable of handling an array of tasks because of the specifications of your requirements. That’s what our Authorized Locksmiths are here to help you out with.

Our professional boat locksmith services include:locksmith for yacht

  • Jammed boat key removal
  • Yacht ignition repair
  • Boat ignition installation
  • Boat lock installation
  • Boat key duplication
  • Keys cut for Yachts

Regardless of whether you need a car, house or even a boat locksmith servicing, we are here to help you out. As a matter of fact, if you find yourself in a situation in which you find out that your boat’s lock isn’t working properly our vehicular locksmith specialists are available 24/7 to help you out.

Boat Lockout Solutions

You might be planning your cruise with the yacht for a long weekend or you just want to go out on an adrenaline ride with your speedboat. You are all prepped up, only to find that you’ve lost your keys. Or, even worse, you put the key in the keyhole and it gets stuck or broken off right away. Regardless of the problem, you’ve found yourself in a miserable situation in which there’s no way for you to get in and your plans might be thinning away.

Replacement Keys for Boats

No need to worry! We are here to provide you with convenient services with the cheapest locksmith price rates. Regardless of what the problem may be, there is no lock that we can’t fix. If you have your yacht keys lost or broken, you might be worried that you wouldn’t be able to get a new one without going through a day worth of hassle. Well, that’s not true. Our professionals will come to you on the spot and make sure that you get a key replacement on the spot. We don’t need your spare one, as we can make it directly. Our boat locksmiths are capable of handling any problems you might face with moored speedboat locks, yacht keys and alarm systems, houseboat security locks and whatever else you can possibly think of. You name it, we'll handle it!

Boat Lock Replacement Services

boat lock services Have you ever wondered why is it that your speedboat locks get damaged so much? Well, the truth is that they are exposed to quite a lot of harmful elements. Think about it for a second. These locks are constantly subjected to water and even saltwater conditions. The water reacts with the fine metal tumblers and gears inside the locks and can cause corrosion, amongst other issues. Rust is probably the most common reason we are called out to fix boat locks or extract keys from the locks. As soon as you stick the key into a rusty keyhole, it’s highly likely to get stuck, once it does, applying a little pressure could simply break the lock or the key entirely. This could happen to the locks on the interior part of your boat and even on the lock that you use to dock the boat or lock the gate.

Rusty Boat Lock Repairs

Rust buildup could easily also block the entry of the key so you wouldn’t be able to actually insert a key. This is definitely something that you would want to deal with as quickly as you can. We have a number of solutions for rusted locks, such as replacing the rusted lock with waterproof locks, rekeying the lock so the finer inner workings turn smoothly or simply servicing the existing lock to remove the rust. We can arrive at your boat's port within half an hour to help you out and determine which solution is most appropriate for your yacht, fishing or speedboat locks. 

Certified Locksmith for Boats and Yachts

Do you own a houseboat or a yacht? Maybe you own a regular boat but you store a lot of valuables there? In any case, you might want to get one of our professionals to put the necessary security protocols in place. You can take advantage of our services and allow us to assess your current security system and provide suggestions for how to upgrade your houseboat security system for maximum protection at affordable rates. We can determine whether or not your current security is capable of protecting your boat from theft or burglary. We can tell you if there is something which isn’t working properly and we can also tell you if any of the locks are not working as they should.

We can provide you with actionable advice as to how to make sure that everything is handled as per the highest standards. We can also add security cameras or motion-detecting lights and other high tech security solutions to ensure your boat is not, and doesn't look like, an easy target. We can even recommend and install the latest houseboat security systems currently available on the market.

24 Hour Boat Locksmith Services!

Just give us a call and whether you are locked out of your boat in the wee hours of the morning before the tide goes out, or you're just coming back from a night fishing trip and the key has fallen in the water, we will be at your side within the next 30 minutes. Our Authorized Locksmiths are mobile and we have years of experience servicing and repairing locks on all kinds of vehicles, including water vehicles. We offer valuable services at affordable prices because we want to provide the most to our customers.

Give us a call and we will be on our way to meet your boat locksmith needs!