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Car Key Extraction: Handling Emergencies Professionally

car key stuck in the doorIf you have ever actually gone through the hassle of a broken car key while you try to start the vehicle or you’ve had it stuck in a car door lock which was rusted and prevented you from removing it, you are definitely no stranger to the hurdle that it could be. It's a situation that could be quite challenging and we are here to help you out with it.

Call our professional and authorized car locksmiths to take care of the issue, regardless of the time and day. We are a 24/7 service and we respond to our calls no matter when we get them. This is due to the fact that we understand that a car lockout could be a very challenging and stressful situation to be in and that’s what we want to help you with.

If your car key gets broken in the locking mechanism, you might be tempted to attend getting it out on your own. Before you do so, however, allow us to elaborate - this is not something that you should be doing. Here's why. 


Should You Call a Professional or Get the Key Removed on Your Own?

car key stuck in the locksThe very first thing that people tend to reach out to when they get their car key broken is to attempt to fix it on their own. While attempting so could seem to be something more affordable, you should definitely refrain from doing so.

The truth is that there is a lot of information out there and you could probably find out how to pick a lock quickly on your own. This, however, is not a task for someone who doesn’t have the necessary tools and experience. We’ve seen a lot to go wrong when someone who doesn’t know what to do exactly attempts to fix this and it’s usually causing a lot more headache.

The aim of taking something and handling it on your own is to save time and money. Therefore, you should have the certainty that you’d actually be successful. Unfortunately, in a lot of situations, you wouldn’t really be able to get it done quickly. DIY tasks in this regard oftentimes turn to be a lot more challenging and costly than if you had simply called a professional in the first place.

If you’re using transponder keys, on the other hand, things can get a lot more complicated. They require professional equipment as well as thorough knowledge to fix and this is definitely something that the regular person doesn’t really have.


Car Key Extraction Professionals

The worst thing about being locked out of your car in situations of the kind is when you don’t have a spare key somewhere near and you need to get in urgently. That’s where we come into the picture. The best thing about our services is that they are tailored to the urgency of the situation that you’d usually find yourself in. When you place your call, a professional locksmith will be with you within no more than 30 minutes. We understand that situations of the kind could be incredibly unpleasant and that's what we want to help you with.

We have the necessary professional equipment to get the key out of the lock and to make you a new one right there on the spot. We don’t need the spare key to make a copy – we can make it directly from the lock and on the spot.

Of course, we can also make you a spare one if you need to. This is going to ensure that you are always prepared and that you don’t really find yourself in a challenging situation of the kind.


Key Made Right There On the Spotbroken car keys

That’s the beauty of our professional services when it comes to a broken key in locks. We are not only going to get it out without damaging the lock or the surrounding area – we are going to prepare a new key for you in a matter of minutes. We don't need your spare key as our technology enables us to craft a brand new one on the spot. 

Once we are done, you’d be able to jump right back in the car, start your engine and head to wherever it is that you needed to get in the first place.


Full-Scale Locksmith Services

We offer a range of different services related to issues with your car lock and there’s pretty much nothing that we can’t do. What is more, we know that this is a traumatic situation and we set out to make sure that our prices are affordable. We don’t want to make an extra out of the fact that you are in an emergency – our attempt is to build a long-term working relationship with our customers and this happens only through convenience and adequate servicing – that’s where we shine the most.

In any case, getting your car key broken in its lock could definitely be a reason for worry. This is especially true if it happens through the night and when you are far away from home or from where you need to get. Our mobile locksmith experts are going to come to you and get you serviced on the spot. We will come as quickly as it is humanly possible because we are well aware that you might be in some serious distress. This is especially true when the weather conditions are rather inappropriate.

With all this being said, you should give us a call - we are always ready and available to help!