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Emergency Broken Car Key Extraction

Are you dealing with faulty, poor-quality car key problems? Keys stuck in the ignition? Jammed key in the door lock? We specialize in emergency broken car key extractions services for all brands, makes and models of cars. Find us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, any day. We only work with experienced, skilled and mobile car locksmiths who can reach any address in less than half an hour. Call 888-415-1011 now and let us send over the closest local locksmith near me and have your problem fixed in a jiffy.

Unfortunately, having an inexperienced locksmith cut a cheap key for you will eventually lead to a series of problems in the not too distant future. The key will oftentimes not fit the lock well enough because of the lack of precision during the cutting process. As a result, the key will constantly get stuck in the keyways unless one day it gets totally jammed in car door lock or ignition. Any personal attempt to have the key removed using improvised tools will usually just create further problems, including the key breaking, with one small part sticking out that is difficult to remove or damaging the ignition in the process. When this happens, hiring professional locksmiths who can use advanced car key removal tools for the extraction is a must. Anything less than that could cause serious damage to the ignition or the door lock. Also, new sets of keys should be cut with the help of advanced laser car key cutting machines. Making sure you also get one or two spare keys made should save you from lockout problems in the future. Whether you are dealing with keys stuck in the door lock or you need an immediate key replacement job, our advanced laser car key cutting services are here to help.

Popular local car key extraction and replacement services we offer:

Give our friendly and professional customer support team a call today and let us provide you with a quick, free and transparent price assessment by phone and we will also send over the closet mobile team.

Broken and Stuck Car Key Extraction Services

Car Key Extraction SetWe only work with high-precision tools that allow us to effectively reach any small, broken key parts that may have remained stuck in your ignition, as well as expert key extraction equipment that can be used on any vehicle, no matter the make and model, old or new. Besides the top-notch precision tools we use, we would also want to mention the professional tools our technicians rely on periodically. Lock picking guns and various other picking tools, rotary tools are all part of our toolsets.  We come, no less than, fully equipped for every job.

Even with high-security locks on newer models of cars we can easily open the car doors and remove stuck keys from your ignition.

We also use advanced locksmith tools to remove and replace stuck keys, including snapped key issues, keys that refuse to turn in the lock or ignition, keys that cannot be pulled out of the keyway, keys that have broken inside the ignition cylinder or a key that is showing signs of malfunction on and off.

With the help of advanced broken key extractor sets, we can remove broken key parts from the cylinders of locks in just a few minutes. These tools usually come with small-sized tips that can be effectively used to grab broken metal key parts inside tight spaces. Mini extractor tools are even more precise compared to conventional car key removal tools. This is why our experts will oftentimes prefer to use them instead.

Rest assured we are always carefully assessing the exact state of things and only recommend the most reliable and least invasive solutions. We usually rely on tools made of medium or high carbon steel with laminated metal handles and barbs on the tips designed to dig into the soft metal of the broken part of the key. Double-barb extractor tools can be worked up and down the keyway to remove a broken key tip stuck inside the lock. Using a new key to engage the lock or ignition is simply not possible without first removing all the broken parts in the keyway, so you will need to hire a professional locksmith to get the job done.

Our technicians will either work the metal part from the bottom or from the sides, depending on which procedure they will find most fitting. They will carefully wedge the tool, twist and pull it, or go in from the top. They will then take the tip of the extractor and push all the pins up to the top of the keyway, out of their way, wedge the tool in all the way back and push down to dig the barb into the soft metal of the key tip and pull it out. The main idea is to snag the hardened steel barb against the soft metal and pull the tip right out of the lock or ignition switch. It is not an easy process and it does take lots of practice and experience, so make sure you only work with authorized locksmiths in case of emergency.

Broken Key Replacement Services Near Me

Whether your key has snapped inside the lock or you are unable to get the key to turn in the ignition cylinder because of the poor key cutting of an inexperienced locksmith, give us a call. We can handle safe key removal with key extractor sets such as the Majestic Mex4 set and other similar tools on the spot, with zero hassle.

Once the key will be accurately removed from the jammed lock, we will proceed to replace the key for you and cut a set of duplicates so you can avoid potential problems in the future. We can also have the lock or ignition cylinder replaced, provided they are damaged because of improper manipulation of a faulty key.

Call now, let us provide you with the most affordable car key extraction and replacement prices estimates in town and we can send over the nearest mobile locksmith to remove a broken or jammed key from your locks on the spot.