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Garage Door Locksmith Services

Is your garage door lock broken? Does your overhead garage door jam halfway when opening or closing? Does it lock properly? Our professional locksmiths are available to come to your home or office and repair, service or install reliable garage door locks, whether day or night.

Overhead Garage Door

Why Are Garage Door Locks So Important?

Garage doors are often overlooked when people assess their office or home security for themselves. In fact, up-to-date garage door locks are a crucial element to having a comprehensive, effective home security system in place.

Your garage door may feel like it’s ‘outside’ your home or office, but in fact, it’s a popular entry point for burglars and home invasions. It’s more difficult to hear someone breaking into the garage, especially when the garage door does not lock or seal properly. And most people don’t even think to lock the door between their garage and their house!

Not to mention, most people keep valuable, theft-worthy in the garages themselves, such as their cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and tools.

To keep your office and home secure, make sure your garage door locks are sturdy, not rusted and above all, working properly!

Professional Garage Door Lock Services

Authorized Locksmiths are experts in a wide range of lock security, installation, and repair. Whether your garage door is opened by remote control or by a standard lock, is an older wooden garage door or super modern, titanium overhead garage door, our experts can come to you and fix any garage door lock problem on the spot!

Our Specialist Locksmith Garage Door Services Include:

  • Installing new garage door locks
  • Replacing garage door locks
  • Rekeying garage doors
  • Duplicating garage door keys
  • Creating new garage door keys without the original
  • Installing Garage door openers
  • Repairing keypads and keyless entry locks
  • Garage door opener repairs
  • Garage door lockouts
  • Garage lock-ins
  • Remote and transponder key programming and repairs
  • Fixing or reprograming automatic garage doors
  • Safety assessments for insurance purposes

For these or any other garage door lock-related services, call Authorized Locksmiths for a quick and professional solution at an affordable price!

Transponder Keys and Garage Door Remotes

Garage Door PartsMost modern garage doors are opened by remote control transmitter keys. This is much more convenient than the standard key locks as it allows you to remain in the car while you wait for the overhead garage door to open. Some remote control keys actually have quite a long-range, which allows you to open the garage door while driving, which means you don’t even have to wait for the garage door to open once you have arrived.

Most remote control keys run on radio waves, much like your car remote key. When you press the button, it transmits a silent, complicated combination of radio frequencies in tune with your garage door’s receiver. This signals your garage door to open or close.

You’ll know if your remote garage key is not working properly because it may take a few pushes for the door to respond, the door might half open and then try to close again, the door might open randomly on its own or your remote garage door opener may have stopped working altogether.

More modern garage door remotes also use transponder technology for extra security precautions. The transponder remotes use the same complex radio frequencies as the standard remote controls but also contains a computer chip that emits a wireless electronic algorithm signal to the receiver in your garage door. Transponder key signals are much more difficult to emulate and offer a higher security level. If the transponder key chip is lost, broken, faulty or if the batteries run out entirely, then your garage door will not open or close and you need to call a professional, authorized locksmith to recut and/or reprogram your transponder key professionally.

Whether your garage door key is a transponder, remote or a standard style key, our qualified locksmiths can repair, duplicate or replace your garage locks on the spot!

Emergency Locksmith Garage Door Repairs

If you’ve been locked into your garage by a faulty garage door key, or even if you are locked out! If your garage door won’t close or open properly, if it’s broken, faulty or jammed, it could put your security or even your health in jeopardy! We understand that some security situations are best handled immediately and not left until the morning.

Call our licensed locksmith services day, evening or night and our closest, the emergency local locksmith will come to repair your garage door locks immediately!