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GMC Lockout And Key Replacement Services

GMC lockout services by Authorized LocksmithsHave you lost the keys to your GMC car? Are you dealing with a jammed ignition switch that is preventing you from turning the key? Do you need a new set of replacement keys? Authorized Locksmiths are experts in all GMC locksmith services at affordable prices. We are available 24 hours a day and we have a 30-minute response time. Call (888) 415-1011 now and get your free estimate!

GMC locksmith services we can offer you:

  • damaged lock repair services

  • new lock and ignition installation

  • trunk and car lockout

  • lock re-keying services

  • key extraction from stuck locks

  • transponder key programming

GMC OEM Transponder Key Fob Programming

We can provide you with the entire array of OEM key fob replacement and programming services for all GMC models, including the 20835400 GMC Terrain with Factory OEM (original equipment manufacturer) compatible with 2010-2013 GMC Terrain models, as well as the GMC Savana OEM 6 button key fob for FCCID OUC60221 compatible with 2008-2014 GMC Savana models. We can also provide programming services for the GMC Sierra EOM key fob with four buttons and remote start with FCCID OUC60270 compatible with 2007-2014 GMC Sierra.

Keep in mind the 2011 models as well as newer GMC models must be programmed by car locksmiths. Our technicians will easily use the driver information center, which is the button found to the right of the steering wheel (marked with an “I”). They will start by inserting a key in the ignition and switch the ignition to the ON position. Next, they will keep the I button pressed until the message “press to relearn remote key” will show up. The following step of the process is to press the set/reset button so that the “remote key learning active” message can pop up. This means the programming can now be initiated. Our locksmiths will proceed to simultaneously press and hold the Lock and Unlock buttons on the remote for 15 seconds until they will hear an acoustic sound letting them know the programming has been effectively completed. The programming process will now require the locksmith to repeat the pressing and holding of the Lock and Unlock buttons simultaneously on the remote for 15 seconds for all the new remotes, as well as the old ones. At the end of all procedures, the ignition must be turned off and the key removed, followed by all the remotes being accurately tested by our experts.

There is also a key programming method that does not involve the use of the “I” button and our locksmiths will accurately assess your model and determine the best solution for your particular car. For best results, make sure you program your new remotes with the help of authorized and experienced car locksmiths.

Ignition Switch Replacement And Repair Services

GMC lockout services by Authorized LocksmithsReplacing a faulty ignition switch can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the ignition model in your car. We ensure that we are always equipped with all the necessary replacement parts at hand. The process is ignition replacement or repairs are as follows. we will proceed to safely remove all the screws, bolts and latches that are keeping the ignition's covers in place. It is important to have an expert locksmith handle the process for you to guarantee there will be no damage done to the ignition or any of the parts. In case a severely worn-out ignition part such as a bent latch which may break during the removal, our technicians will immediately have it replaced for you so there are no delays in the ignition replacement process.

Provided our experts decide to recommend to you to have the ignition cylinder replaced, we will explain the steps of the procedure to you and break down all the costs that the service will incur. At times, the simple replacement of the broken cylinder may not suffice, as a different underlying problem may be the culprit for your broken ignition. To determine the exact problem with your ignition, we will continue the investigation. Keep in mind different GMC models come with different ignition systems and they usually require distinct repair methods and only a skilled locksmith will know which one to use.

GMC Models We Service

  • GMC Yukon

  • GMC Canyon

  • GMC Acadia

  • GMV Savana

  • GMC Sierra

  • GMC Forward

24-Hour Emergency Locksmith GMC Services

We cover all roadside lockout emergencies caused by locked keys in the car or faulty lock actuators, broken key fobs, jammed trunk locks and anything else that might be preventing you from entering or starting your vehicle.

Competitive GMC Locksmith Prices

We provide free price estimates by phone and affordable lock, key and ignition repair and replacement services that will not force you to break the bank. Schedule an appointment with us or let us immediately send over the nearest auto locksmith technician to your exact address. We can reach you in less than half an hour for emergencies and help you on the spot.

Call (888) 415-1011 now and let us show you why we are the number one choice for an authorized GMC locksmith nationwide!

About GMC

GMC is one of the most popular American car brands that manufactures a number of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and buses. No matter how old or new your GMC vehicle and what kind of security problem you are dealing with, give us a call. We are authorized, insured and we have 24/7, unlimited access to the official GMC database for transponder keys, which means we can rapidly replace any missing or broken transponder key for you.