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Professional Lock Re-Keying Services

Have your keys been misplaced or stolen? Are you moving into a new home? You don’t have to spend extra money replacing your locks; instead, save yourself money by taking advantage of our lock-rekeying services. Rekeying a lock is a delicate process where the pins in the lock are adjusted so that old keys will no longer work in this lock, enabling you to change your keys, but still, keep your old locks.

Why Rekey Your Locks

If the locks to your car, office, or home are in good working order and the only issue with them is that your keys are in a compromised situation, there is no reason to replace the locks completely, as you can accomplish the same thing as replacing the lock by having the lock rekeyed. By doing so, you will end up with the same security results as changing the lock, and it will cost you a lot less money to do. Another reason why many of our clients request our lock rekeying services is simply that it’s a great way to make it so that all the locks on their doors open with just one key, making unlocking several doors much more convenient.

When to Rekey Your Locks

All experienced security experts agree that locks can only keep a home, office, or car protected if the keys to the lock are kept secure and managed at all times. Think about it: how secure can your lock be when there are excess key copies or lost keys floating around the neighborhood. When you move into a new home that has been occupied previously, there is really no way of knowing how many keys the previous home-owners still have in their possession, or how many spare keys they have given to neighbors and extended family members for safe-keeping. For this reason, if you are moving into a previously owned home, it is absolutely imperative that you take preventative steps toward securing the locks in your home.

If you or someone in your household lost copies of keys to your home, the security level of your home is now compromised since you can no longer keep track of those keys, and you can’t possibly know in whose hands your keys may have landed. The same is true for those who’ve experienced home break-ins. If your house has been broken into, even if the burglars didn’t gain entry into your home via the front door, they may have very likely gotten their hands on a spare key that was lying around. It is common practice amongst home thieves that once they’ve broken into a home, to steal any extra office, home, or car keys that they managed to find around a house. They keep these spare key on hand so that they can return at a later date and drive away with cars, or even break into the same homes and offices once again. If your keys have been lost or stolen and you are looking for a fast and secure solution, call upon our lock rekeying service to help you out!

Lock Re-key Services

Home Lock Rekeying Services

If you are concerned about your home’s security because you don’t know who might have gotten their hands on your house key, you could benefit from our lock rekey service. Our licensed technicians can come to your home and rekey your locks so that any keys that unlocked your doors in the past are now ineffective. Our service will also make new, usable keys for you.

Car lock Rekeying

Many individuals don’t know that car locks can be rekeyed just as standard door locks can be. If your car keys were stolen or misplaced, our car lock rekeying service can remove the cylinder inside your car door locks, as well as the cylinders inside your car’s trunk and ignition, making all previously used car keys unusable.

Commercial Rekeying Services

You can never really know who has made copies of your office keys while still in your employ. The nature of businesses is that employees come and go over time. While most employees are trustworthy, some might have a grudge, especially after being fired. If you are concerned that one of your previous workers might have unauthorized access to your office, our commercial locksmiths can rekey the locks on your office doors, so that all old keys become useless.

How Is Lock Rekeying Done?

Each lock has a specific code setting that makes it unique, only unlocking when a specific key is inserted in it. This code is programmed according to the height of the pins that are inside the lock’s chamber. By having a qualified locksmith change the positions of the pins inside the lock, all previously used keys will no longer be able to lock and unlock the lock. Once all the old keys have been rendered invalid, a professional locksmith can cut new keys to match the brand new code that is now inside your door lock.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to change your locks on your house, car or office, consider having the locks re-keyed by one of our professional locksmiths now!