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Tips to Prevent House Lockouts

What do you do when you lock yourself out of your own house? Our fully trained technicians at Authorized Locksmith can offer help to prevent house lockouts. Locking yourself out of your own house is exasperating and can inconvenience you a great deal. This happens all too easily from various circumstances and getting back into the house becomes very challenging depending on the effectiveness of your locks and security system.

how to prevent home lockoutHow to Prevent House Lockouts

In most instances, many people wish they had set precautionary measures in case they lock themselves out of their homes. This article offers you home lockout prevention tips to reduce the chances of locking yourself out as well as giving you the most lucrative recommendations to prevent house lockouts.

  • Spare Key

The most effective measure for making sure you don’t lock yourself out is having a spare key hidden somewhere you can easily access when needed. The security of the house is paramount, and one should be advised against stashing the spare key in the most obvious places like under the doormat or a potted plant near the door. These places are easily made out by buglers and thieves. Have your spare key in a safe place such as in the custody of a trusted neighbor or a close friend not too far away. You must have the guarantee that they will be able to avail the key in times of emergency.

If the trust of neighbors and friends is in doubt, it is best to stash the spare key in the least obvious place in your compound. There are ingenious ways that have been devised in recent years to conceal keys such as the fake rock. This features a model of a rock with a cavity inside where you can place your spare key. It would be very unlikely for one to tell the fake rock when placed with a bunch of other rocks preferably in a place not too close to the doors.

  • Apply Layering Technique

The layering of your key is a more secure recommendation when stashing your key to prevent house lockouts. Many will stash the key to their front door in predictable places such as under the mat or a flower pot, in a gutter or the car’s glove compartment, on a dog’s collar or in the ledge of a window. All these options are easily discernible by people with malicious intent. To make it less obvious for anyone who may want to break into your house, you may stash the key to your garage somewhere in the compound which would lead you to an extra key well hidden within the garage. You can apply as many layers as you please depending on how secure you want your house to be. 

  • Key Stashing

Alternatively, you can install a wireless keypad system for your garage with the extra key hidden inside. This option has to take into consideration power outages thus warranting you to have a battery backup for the system.

The electrical panel is also a good place to stash an extra key. You can fit the panel with a combination lock and have its password backed up in your phone in the instance that you forget the combination.

  • Service Faulty Locks

You can prevent house lockouts, by immediately replacing the bad locks in the household. A lock that poses difficulty when trying to open it even with the right key stresses the key over a period. Such stress alters the alignment of the key making it difficult to open the door and over time the key will break inside the lock leaving you stranded. You can prevent such an outcome by replacing faulty locks immediately thus reducing the chances for house lockouts.  

  • Key Finder

A key finder has proven very effective in locating misplaced keys. These are fitted with transmitters that can be easily triggered using your mobile device or basic actions such as clapping or whistling. Misplaced keys are always hard to trace and usually are in the least expected places you check. The key finders come in handy by reducing the time one would use to locate such keys at the same time eliminating the chances of home lockouts.

  • Routine Patting

Most instances of home lockouts result from a very basic error such as assuming that one has their key in their pocket or purse when they do not. A simple way to always assure that you are in possession of your keys is making a habit of patting yourself down before leaving the house. In a month’s time, this will become routine for you always check for the essentials you need to carry you through the day. This is to make sure that nothing has slipped from your pockets when seated. For women, it is easy always to check their purse or handbags when the thought of leaving or going out of the house hits their mind.

  •  Key Duplication

When making spares for the house key, you are advised to duplicate keys from the original copy as opposed to creating copies from the duplicates. With continued duplication, the copies will deviate from the original hence exerting some strain when opening the locks. Such strain will eventually break the key in the lock keeping you locked out. The duplicated key may also alter the alignment of the lock hence making it impossible for you to unlock with the original copy. Always make sure you duplicate the copies from a professional locksmith directly from the original copy.

  • Alternative Keys

For people living in apartment complexes with doormen or building managers, there is a good chance they possess spare keys or master key copies for individual rooms. As a precaution, you may check with them to have a backup in the occurrence of a home lockout.

Home lockouts will disorient your day if you do not plan ahead. In such a given times it can be difficult to maintain a clear head to help your situation. This may lead you to devising a way to break into your own house which is easily noticeable by neighbors or a passerby exposing you to security threats. The described tips, however, safeguard you from taking rash actions at the same time remedying your predicament in a good time. Service faulty locks

Call Authorized Locksmiths today for help implementing any of the above tips!