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Transponder Key Replacement Services

Today, many newer model vehicles come with transponder key systems. If you have a key that you would like to duplicate or replace, take advantage of our transponder key replacement service.

Car transponder key

What's a Transponder Key?

Most up-to-date cars come with transponder systems and keys, so if you drive a newish car, chances are you have one. Still, if you are still not sure whether or not your car key is a transponder, you can take a look and see for yourself (assuming you know what to look for). Transponder keys look like a regular house key, but they have a thick black plastic piece attached to the top of the key. If your key has a thick piece of plastic attached to it, it is likely a transponder key. Inside that piece of plastic is a microchip.

The reason why your transponder key costs more money to copy than the standard house key is because of the complicated, albeit simple-looking electronic security system it incorporates in order to keep your vehicle secure. Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that these keys are the same thing as car remotes. In reality, auto remotes work separately from the transponder security system. Remotes control of your car’s door locks, not your car’s ignition.

There are several reasons why you might want to call upon our transponder key services:

  • You lost your transponder key
  • Your transponder key is damaged or broken
  • You want to have a spare key made in case of emergencies

Cutting a New Key

Before we get to work on making you a new transponder key, we’ll want to know if you have an existing key that we can work with. If you do have an existing key, even if it is damaged beyond repair, it might be possible for us to remove the transponder chip from the top of your key and use it make you a new one. Doing so could save you some money. We can often use your old key to help us code your new key, making the process go a bit more quickly, saving you some time. If your key is lost or for whatever reason, you don’t have one for us to work off of, our car locksmiths can make you a new key from scratch. Every one of our auto locksmith techs travels around with a huge assortment of keys, so that no matter what type of car you drive, we have got the new key for you.

Programming the Transponder Chip

On-Board Programming

Because a transponder chip is essentially a small computer, programming it is not as simple as one might think. Programming a key should ideally only be done by an experienced locksmith professional. In addition to the specialized tools that our locksmiths might use to program your key, they also bring a high level of efficacy and tech-savvy to every job they undertake. Different vehicles require that specific programming methods be used when making new transponders. One form of programming that is used is called On Board Programming, which is highly effective as it connects through the OBD port of your vehicle, but it does need a working key to be available.

Syncing Two Car Keys

Another method that we can use when duplicating transponder keys, is to use one of our specialty tools that allows us to insert an original key in one side of the mechanism and the key that we want to program into the other side, which the machine then syncs up so that both keys are programmed with the same code. These are just two of the techniques that our technicians sometimes use when programming keys.

Looking to have your transponder key programmed? Call Us Now- We can help!