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The Security Risks of Having Windowed Doors

When choosing doors and assorted household features, you have to consider not only the aesthetically pleasing aspects of decorating but the safety concerns involved in those choices.  It is sad, admittedly, that we cannot just pick what we want and enjoy it, without the fear of who may be lurking in the shadows. Reality dictates, however, that we need to consider these issues with thought, care, and yes, a bit of decorative flair too. Learn how you can go about accomplishing these goals, yes- all of them, with our helpful tips below.

Doors with Windows- They Are Pretty, But Are They Safe?

The short answer to this question is no- sort of. Indeed, if you have a choice in what kinds of doors you can install in your home, for safety’s sake, you should indeed choose a door that has little to no glass.  But there are things you can do to incorporate a liking for glass and a need for safety.

  • If you have doors with glass, one of the first things to look into is getting window treatments, so you can prevent others from looking in.  A little sunlight, or even moonlight, is nice. But having strangers be able to see inside your home and watch your patterns and routines so they can, perhaps scout out your turf?  That is most definitely not nice.

  • To the best of your ability, make sure, even with glass that has been covered up, that your most valued possessions are not easily seen.  This will prevent would-be thieves from having a clear view of your home and more specifically, a view of items that may be, in their minds, there for the taking.

  • If you have sliding glass doors, there a couple of things to keep in mind.  One, they can from time to time, derail off the track they are meant to slide on.  This makes locking the doors more difficult and leaves you with doors that may not lock properly altogether.  Secondly, the latch locks or even key locks sliding doors typically come with, are simply not enough protection.  With a solid lock and window treatment, it is important to have a solidly made safety bar (wood is ideal) that can be placed between the door that slides open and the frame the entire structure sits in.  This prevents burglars, even if they have successfully opened the lock, from being able to slide the doors open.

  • Take a look at the material your door frame is made of.  Aluminum is both lightweight and very easy to bend and break. Replace frames that are easy to break into with materials that are significantly more sturdy, like steel, for example.

  • Look into replacing your glass doors with glass that is tempered or even security glass that is laminated.  Although burglars may still be able to see through these types of doors, they will at the very least act as a deterrent.

  • Add a security gate made of steel or other sturdy metals that will protect your doors and act as an additional layer of protection.  Remember though, that you cannot rely only on these security doors in and of themselves. Just like your glass doors, the metal security ones must also have strong, reputable locks installed.

    windowed door safetyKeeping Your Windowed Doors Secure and Homey

    In addition to the methods explaining above, there are decorative ways you can dress up your glass doors without taking away from the overall decor of your home.  Creativity, as well as necessity, are the mothers of invention, so use security measures like the ones mentioned above, as well as your own artistry to keep your home safe, protected, and pretty!

    • Having locks placed on your door, especially ones installed by the expertly trained locksmiths of Authorized Locksmiths, do not have to be sterile looking, industrial type locks. We are not talking about Fort Knox- style locks, but rather, ones that are both effective and stylish. Choose locks in colors that you like, find out if you can paint on the color of your choice (making sure that the paint does not impair the lock’s functionality), and if you are so inclined, design and add your own bit of flair to make your house look like a home.

    • Add security mesh to the outside of your glass door or window in your door to help keep the bad guys out, the light streaming in, while adding a different look to your door.  Keep in mind that mesh screens can be tastefully set up, so that the only ones who can really see them, are thieves who wish they were not there at all.

    • Use thick contact paper on the inside of the door.  Here, you can get really creative, because you can add colors, shapes, designs and make a statement without saying, “Hey thieves, take what you want!”

    • Window treatments in the form of shades, blinds, curtains, beads, and whatever else strikes your fancy.  Again, you can get as free and creative with these items as you like, but remember that you have to keep them closed so that would-be thieves do not have ample time or the ability to view, the items they want from your home.
    • Shatterproof, resistant, laminated glass is a great way to protect your home and your design and style.  These types of glass are made to withstand the pressure placed on them by insistent and determined thieves who will stop at nothing to break in through glass doors.  Make their jobs difficult, impossible even, by having the toughest glass installed.

Contact the expertly trained, highly qualified, always available locksmiths at Authorized Locksmiths to help you choose the best ways to secure your glass doors.